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Handmade Glass Pipes And Bowls Vs. Silicone Alternatives

Are you currently searching for a new pipe or bowl to smoke out of? Well, here atCloud 407 Smoke Shop, we tell you all about our glass pipes and why they are much better than silicone pipes. We want your smoking experience to be amazing, and it can’t be unless you have something amazing to smoke from. Our pipes are all handmade from high-quality glass, so you can rest assured that every time you smoke, you will be in heaven. There are many advantages to smoking out of a glass bowl or pipe instead of a silicone one; we want to make sure you know why. When many people smoke from a bowl or pipe and don’t have a fun experience, they usually blame the product that they are smoking. However, sometimes it can be the bowl or pipe itself that is hindering your experience. We are one of the best smoke shops in Orlando, so you can be certain that our information is accurate and that you will have the greatest smoking experience with our bowls and pipes. We receive amazing feedback from everyone in Orlando!

Why Glass Pipes Are Better Than Silicone Ones

You are probably wondering why we recommend pipes made out of glass instead of silicone pipes. Since we are one of the most reliable smoke shops in Orlando, you can feel confident purchasing our bowls and pipes. One reason that glass bowls and pipes are better than silicone is that they are much easier to clean. Glass, in general, can handle harsh cleaning while silicone cannot hold up as much. Plus, anything you need to clean will slide right out of the glass with a little soap and water, whereas silicone holds onto debris and is much more difficult. Another reason is that the quality of glass is simply better than silicone. Many people notice that silicone cannot withstand as much as glass, which brings us to the next reason glass is better. Glass is much more durable. Even though glass can break if you drop it, it’s very durable for smoking out of. They are thicker, keep their shape, and never look worn out in the least. 

Silicone Benefits 

We want to give silicone bowls and pipes the benefit of the doubt because not everyone is going to purchase glass bowls and pipes no matter how much they know about them. Therefore, here are some benefits to silicone pipes and bowls in case you still considering which material to purchase: 

  • Great for people who are afraid of breaking the glass 
  • Same designs 
  • They work well if you take care of them 
  • Takes longer to get grimy and dirty 
  • The color won’t wear off

Choose What Is Best For You

Even though we recommend using glass bowls and pipes over silicone, we understand that everyone has different needs and preferences. We are not just one of Orlando's best smoke shops because we sell amazing products to smoke from; we also care about our customer satisfaction. 

Contact Us 

Cloud 407 Smoke Shop are professionals who know all about glass pipes and bowls in comparison to silicone pipes and bowls. We want you to have the best smoking experience you can. Socall or visit us today in Orlando for more information.

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