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How To Use A Hookah Smoking Device! Check Out Our Smoke Shop

If you are just starting to smoke hookah, you will probably have several questions. The champion of these questions will be how to use a hookah. It takes experts to help you understand how to use this smoking device.

AtCloud 407 Smoke Shop, we offer all types of smoking devices, including hookah. We also have DAB pens for sale for residents of Orlando. As long as you want the best devices, you can trust us to deliver. In this article, we will provide details on how to use a hookah.

What is a Hookah Smoking Device

Before explaining how to hookah, it is best first to provide necessary information about hookah. This device was discovered in India, and it is used for smoking aromatic tobacco, otherwise called Shisha. Hookah differs in size and design; they are made from varying materials. 

This includes; glass, cheap metals, aluminum, stainless-steels, plastics, and other materials. The material used often influences the price of the hookah. The bowls are made of ceramic, plastics, silicone, metal, or a combination of these materials. There are other quality inhaling devices like hookah; top smoke shops also have DAB pens for sale.

Types of hookah

There are different types of hookah to pick from. They include Phunnel, Crown, Apple on Top, Glass, Inverted, Glider bowls, Egyptians, etc. Popular hookahs are made of materials like ceramic, silicone, or clay.

How to use a hookah

Setting up your hookah is easy; you will need the following kits; Shisha, vase, bowl, stem, aluminum foil, lighter, coals, etc. Below are simple steps to following when setting the device up;

Step 1

Ensure you have enough water in the vase. Water is needed as this provides the pathway for the stem. It also helps in filtering the smoke. It is best to allow the water to fill half of the vase.

Step 2

Put the Shisha inside the bowl, start filling from the downside until you get to the center of the bowl.

Step 3

The top of the bowl should be covered with aluminum foil. The ends should be squeezed as this will ensure that the top stays flat. Using a foil puncher, needle or toothpick, carefully drill small holes from the edge to the bowl's middle.

Step 4

Drop the ashtray and put the bowl on top. You can then proceed to light the coal with your lighter. Use your tong to pick the coal and keep it lighted until both ends become fiery red. You can then drop it on the bowl.

Step 5

To smoke, carefully inhale the smoke. Keep inhaling until your lungs get filled; you can then exhale. Do not inhale the same way you inhale when smoking a cigarette. This should be slow and steady. You can expect to feel dizzy after inhaling; it's typical for beginners.

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