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How to Use a Domeless Nail

Cannabis users require a variety of tools to work with in order to enjoy the effects of smoking weed. Whether you are a newbie or you’ve done this before, there is one question that you will find yourself facing as you put together your dab rig: to use a domed or domeless nail. In this guide, you will learn specifically about domeless nails and reasons to consider its use. 

What is a Domeless Nail?

Recently, more and more cannabis connoisseurs have made the switch to domeless nails. The reason for this remains unclear; but in order to understand its difference from domed nails, it is important to delve deeper into the features of domeless nails. 

A nail is an apparatus that is employed by cannabis users in order to hold the cannabis concentrate within the dab rig. Unlike a domed nail, domeless ones are open and lack the glass dome piece in a dab rig. A carb cap is used instead to regulate airflow. 

uses of domeless nails

The primary reason why domeless nails were developed is to get rid of the dome that comes with the dab rig. This facilitates a more fluid air flow. At the same time, some dabbers claim that it delivers more efficient heating to the concentrate. There is also the risk of breaking the domes; a risk that you can overcome when you opt for the domeless variant.

Advantages of Using Them

With an understanding of what a domeless nail is, it is important to look into the benefits that you can get for using them (instead of the domed nail). In a dab rig, the nail is where you put the cannabis concentrate for heating in order for it to become vaporized in form. Here are the reasons why users prefer the use of domeless nails these days:

  • Faster Heating – The ability to heat the concentrate faster is one of the primary benefits that users can get with the domeless nails. In fact, this is one of the reasons why many users have switched from the use of domed nails. This design enables the nail to heat up quickly. This allows for a faster and more efficient way to consume the concentrate. 
  • Bigger Dabs – The larger size of domeless nails (when compared to domed nails) is another distinct advantage. Due to the size, it is able to hold more concentrate in a single use. If you are a cannabis connoisseur who likes to heat up large batches of cannabis concentrate at a time, then this is the ideal design for you. 
  • Reduces Risk of Burning Oil – Since the domeless nails allows for faster heating of the concentrate, there is also less chances of you burning the oil in the process of producing vapor. This allows for a smoother dab experience.
  • Allow Low-Temp Dabs – In relation to the benefit mentioned above, you can also use lower temperature when dabbing due to the domeless nail design. You do not need to crank up the heat too much in order to heat the concentrate faster or more efficiently. Experts believe that using low-temp dabs ensure the best tasting experience. To do this, you have to warm up your nail slightly before using it. 

Titanium Domeless Nail

All nails – whether domed or domeless – are made of a variety of materials. Among the options for dab nails in the market are those made with quartz, glass, ceramic, and titanium. In fact, newer models even have electric components, which are known as e-nails. 

However, there is one particular material that is preferred by many – titanium domeless nails. This is considered as the most durable type of nails for dab rigs. The primary reason for this is that the titanium material is able to retain heat well. It also does not alter the taste of the dab unlike some other materials do.

Another reason why dubbers prefer titanium nails is that they are easy to clean and maintain. With proper care, it can last for a very long time, especially given the durability of the material itself. It is also a good habit to regularly clean your nails because the pieces you use when dabbing can alter the taste of the concentrate once vaporized. 

When shopping for titanium nails, always choose ones with a high quality grade 2 rating. This is your guarantee that the material is of incredible strength and superior quality. It will not deteriorate easily, even with regular use. Also, the titanium will never break even if you drop it or on impact. 

In terms of the cost, titanium domeless nails vary depending on where you get them. However, you can expect to pay more for higher quality titanium nails. Be very careful when buying cheap knockoffs; only buy from your trusted suppliers to avoid this. 

If you are thinking about getting a titanium domeless nail, make sure to look at other options too. Take the time to learn about the benefits and drawbacks of other materials such as ceramic or quartz so you can weigh your options. 

titanium domeless nails

How Do You Heat a Titanium Nail?

To use a titanium nail, you must follow the steps below. 

  • Use a torch to heat your nail until you reach the desired temperature. 
  • Wait for it to cool down. 
  • Drop the specific amount of concentrate that you want to use onto the nail of the dab rig. 
  • For domeless nails, you can place a carb cap over it to avoid the heat from dissipating quickly. 
  • Inhale as you normally would to enjoy the vapor. 
  • When you are done using your titanium nail, clean it before storing. 
  • When cleaning your titanium domeless nail, make sure to follow the specific instructions set for that type of nail. Each type of material requires a different approach when it comes to cleaning. 

Each dabber has their own specific preferences on how to use titanium domeless nails (or whether they want a domed nail instead). It will vary depending on the experience the user wants to enjoy. Take the information in this guide into account when determining which nail to use and tips on how to maximize your dabbing experience. 

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