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How Many Puffs Can You Get From A Vapor Pen?

Are you thinking about vaping but don’t know much about a vapor pen? Here atCloud 407 Smoke Shop, we explain what vaping is and more details about it in general. Vaping has become more and more popular, which is why it’s essential to be educated on what it actually is and how vaping pens work. Many studies are showing that vaping causes less harm to the lungs than smoking cannabis. There can be many harmful products within plants and elements when you combine them. Vapes, on the other hand, allow you to feel the same effects as smoking but with the proper temperature and amount that is necessary. When you smoke, you can take the biggest puffs you want at the hottest temperature; this can cause a lot of problems within your lungs later on in life. Not to mention, our DAB pens for sale cost much less money than purchasing cannabis over and over again to smoke. You can trust our information because we are the best in Orlando!

Details About The Vapor Pen 

You probably want to know more details about our DAB pens for sale. All you need to partake in a successful vaping experience is the cartridge itself, a battery, and a charger. That’s it! The cartridge is full of cannabis oil which is why vaping provides the same effects as smoking real cannabis. Vaping pens come in various sizes and shapes depending on what you are looking for. However, they all provide the same effects, and they are all filled with cannabis oil. These devices are very easy to use. You simply press the button and inhale as needed. You can lock and unlock your vape by quickly pressing the button as needed. There are also many settings for what temperature you want the smoke to be. You can set the temperature on a very low setting to not harm your lungs which is very beneficial. We recommend vaping at a temperature of around seven hundred degrees Fahrenheit or less. The temperatures do not affect the experience of vaping itself but rather the taste. We have realized that low temperatures will allow you to taste the flavor more, but high temperatures will allow more cannabis oil to be in your system because it will burn faster.


You are certainly going to get a bang for your buck when you purchase any DAB pens for sale. This is because one small pen can provide anywhere from three hundred to one hundred and fifty puffs. This will last you a long time, and you will not have to reload the cartridge that often. This will also help you save money!

We Can Guide You 

We want you to know that we are here to help you pick out the perfect vape pen. With all of the options out on the market, it can be overwhelming to decide which vape pen is best for you. We have a lot of experience with beginners and experienced vapors so you can rest assured that you will receive great help from us.

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Cloud 407 Smoke Shop are professionals who want you to know about the vapor pen. Vaping is cheaper, less harmful, and provides the same exact effects as smoking cannabis. So be sure tocall or visit our shop today in Orlando for more information.

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