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Air Bar

Air Bar Disposable Vape

With a mellow, sweet, tropical flavor and ease of use, this disposable selection by the brand Air Bar Disposables was developed with streamlining user's routines as a priority. Each of these devices has 1.8ml of 50mg juice held inside of it which works out to being roughly 500 inhales, or the equivalent to 20 cigarettes. Created with salt nicotine as a base, the blend that it contains has a faster-acting, more hard-hitting form of nicotine that can satiate cravings more efficiently than a traditional juice blend. 

This device has a 380mAh battery, is operated by simply taking an inhale and thrown away once you're done with it. It comes to you fully charged and ready to be used so that you can grab it on your way out the door without having to make any considerations. There's no upkeep, cleaning or charging that you have to worry about, instead, you can focus on enjoying the flavor held inside and taking a moment to relax when you use this product. Banana Ice has a unique flavor that combines together a sweet, exotic banana with a hint of menthol that gives this blend a more refreshing taste overall. 

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